April 30, 2008

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This Workshop Wednesday is going to look at writing prompts. I've found a few here and there so I thought I should put them up on the blog.

Writing prompts are suggestions to get you started writing. They are great for times that you just do not have a thing to put down. A writing prompt may help to jar your creativity or lead you to your next great work.

Writing prompt sites:

Creative Writing Prompts
Writer's Digest - Writing Prompts
Daily Writing Prompts
Imagination Prompt Generator

In the last link I was playing around with the next prompt feature. One prompt said, You have to give up one of your senses. Which one will it be?

I thought how cruel it would be to have to give up one of my senses. How can one choose? Each sense evokes its own bit of pleasure. All together they enhance the rich world we live in.

Without my taste buds, I could not relish the mixture of flavors in my favorite Italian sausage lasagna. I would never be able to delight in the sweet nectar from a honey suckle bud. I would be lost when I gulped my favorite mixed drink

Without the ability to feel, I would not be able to enjoy the soft texture of my baby's chubby cheeks. I could no longer enjoy the warmth of my cat's long fur as I pat him. I would not be able to feel my husband's gentle caress and the tingles that it brings.

Without my hearing, I could not listen to the sounds of the ocean. I would not be able to hear the squirrels barking at my cat as he climbs up their tree. I would miss the buzzing from a humming bird as it zips by my head.

Without my ability to smell, I could not enjoy the aroma of my sweet Wisteria when it blooms. I would not know when I brushed my tart Rosemary whilst walking in the garden.

Without my sight, I could not see the beauty in the world. The flowers as they emerge from the earth. The dew glistening on a blade of grass. The sun as it sets on the horizon.

How cruel could someone be to take a sense from me? They are all a part of me. They make me whole.

I do not know that I could choose. I would have to ask for more time. I would stall. I would stammer. I would run the other way.

Which would you choose?
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  1. Muse:

    Super post. Super words. And super photos to illustrate your points.

    I don't which sense I'd give up. I love them all. But if I absolutely had to chose one - it'd be my sixth sense. After all, who really wants to know the future anyway?

    Have a nice day.

  2. You're a riot Swu! Nope, I want to keep that one too.

    You have a good one!

  3. Could I trade both legs below the knees in lieu of any senses?

    At least I know I can get fairly workable replacements. (Note that I specifically requested the loss below a major joint.)

    Losing senses though...urgh!

  4. Without my eyesight I wouldn't be able to view your amazing site's. "Good on ya Mum!"

    Take Care,


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