April 21, 2008

Watching Amadeus...

Last night the girls and I stayed up late to watch Amadeus. I have always liked that movie. I am a musician and played Mozart's Clarinet Concerto for Solo and Ensemble when I was in school. I don't play as often as I'd like. I really should play more for myself. I do help the teen quite a bit, but that's not the same as playing.

I started the teen on the clarinet when she was about 6. She's really becoming quite the musician. She started learning the keyboard and has been working on the guitar. She would like to pick up the oboe next.

In the movie, Mozart and Salieri are portrayed quite differently than what actually was--talk about turning life into fiction. Did you know that they really collaborated? Not how the movie portrayed it at the end of Mozart's life either. I told her, "When you watch something like that you have to take what you see with a grain of salt."

The teen continued to question me throughout the movie about this fact or that fact. I appreciated her inquisitiveness, but finally had to tell her that it's all theatrics. The movie is a rough representation but only bits and pieces of the relationship are true. It's done like that to draw more interest to the movie. Movie watchers are drawn to conflict, that's what sells tickets and sparks popularity.

Near 9:30 pm the little one gave up the ghost and went to bed. The teen and I continued on through the last hour. I should mention that they played this movie in two minute stretches with 5 minutes of commercials between. Way too many commercials if you ask me.

I'm glad I sat through the movie again. I enjoy the comedy that is interwoven throughout. I enjoyed the time I had bonding with my girls and laughing throughout the frustrating commercials--every time one came on at least one of us would sigh audibly.

I need to locate that Concerto for the teen. I have several pieces of sheet music by Mozart that she may enjoy playing. Perhaps I'll pull out a horn and tune it up so I can play too. I'll let you know if I still got it.
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  1. Hi Muse--interesting post for me as I have been watching The Tudors on Showtime and my college degree was in European history--boy, do they play loose and fast and sometimes false with the facts--all for the sake of "drama for a modern audience," I'm sure.

    Maybe this time Anne Boleyn won't die?

  2. Muse:

    You are so right - that's a great movie. The Queen and I have watched it a couple of times. We finally tired of so many commercials, though, so now we are fanatic Netflix fans.

    The only thing I didn't like about the whole deal was the depressing last half. It...really...brought...me...down. But as to the rest of the film - I loved it. His nervous laugh was especially funny.

    Hav a nice day.

  3. Amadeus. Now that's a movie that brings back memories. I haven't seen it since my middle school music class. Which is when I gave up trying to play the flute. I admire you for being dedicated to your music, and for sharing it with your girls.

  4. I always get agitated watching any movie purportedly billed as “historical”…hysterical is usually more accurate. I was a Salieri fan long before Amadeus hit the theaters and I was perplexed at how the screenwriters portrayed him…maybe even angered. Salieri’s music is great music to think by.

    Hmm, perhaps gives me a musing blog idea…something about “historical” portrayals. On that topic there are two I would definitely recommend: “John Adams” which just concluded on HBO this past Sunday, and “Amazing Grace” the story of William Wilburforce who fought for the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.

  5. Hello all!

    Conda, I understand changing up stories to make plot twists and turns. It's the nature of the beast. If Anne Boleyn had not died, I wonder where the story would have gone? That would be a good exercise in fiction.

    As a matter of fact, I thought of "Perfect Storm" when you mentioned that. Would there have been a movie had those men not all died?

    Swu, that laugh cracked me up every time. On a daily basis hearing it would make me insane though. I wonder if he really laughed like that? I know he was ecentric, short in stature, and lived beyond his means for the most part. I bet the laugh was a true representation.

    Booklady, you played the flute? I tried that for a time. The Sax also--almost the same fingerings. I just prefered the clarinet.

    J.L. I heard about the John Adams thing. I wish we had HBO so I could have seen it. I'll probably rent it, if they do it on DVD. You should make a post. I would enjoy it.

    Salieri was awesome. According to history he was envious of Mozart for a time but that was short lived.

  6. Muse--yeah, it is fascinating, but of course if Anne Boleyn had not died, or had a son, or had not had Elizabeth...it would not have been nearly as compelling a story, I'm thinking.

    By the way, wanted to mention I love your new "skin" and photos--nice change to the blog!


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