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May 13, 2010

The Saga Continues...

It's been awhile since I've been here. I thought I better post a little update on my situation. My husband is still suffering from complications of his injuries. Surprisingly, the broken clavicle is healing swimmingly. Though the plate the surgeon installed has lifted.

The plate lifting was my husband's fault. He felt he was up to replacing the hubs on our truck. While working on the second hub, he lifted the tire too quickly, twisted, and felt a pop. The surgeon took Xrays and discovered the plate screw on the outer part of the clavicle pulled out some.

Of course the doctor scolded him. I also had a few choice words for him. The end result is the plate is still in, though not seated. At some point in the future he may have to have it removed. This is not causing him any pain.

On the other hand, his foot is giving him a lot of trouble. The ankle was getting better and suddenly it started swelling again. It is almost unbearable for him to walk on. Since he works on his feet all day, every day, he is having a lot of issues. I took him back to the doctor and they say the bone is fused and looks good. This does not go along with what he's feeling.

We are frustrated. We are looking at another doctor to check his foot out. On my last post, I received a comment from a fellow blogger about how they had to get operated on twice for their broken foot. I hope this is not the case for my husband.

At this point, he is missing about a day of work a week. Thankfully his employer is sympathetic and he has some vacation. He is thinking about getting a desk job...

The teen is a licensed driver now. We bought her a car, a Honda Accord, and she seems to be doing quite well. However, I only let her drive to and from school and on school related activities. She also must call me upon arrival and departure.

I cannot believe I survived teaching the teen to drive. My heart is doing well and my blood pressure is pretty much back to normal.

I really miss keeping my blog and reading all my favorites' posts. I hope to get back to normal after we see the new doctor.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care!

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September 27, 2009

My Crazy Life

I'm living a crazy life right now. Not only have I been dealing with teaching the teen how to drive, I'm stuck with a husband in a wheelchair.

In the early part of August my husband had an accident. He broke his clavicle in three places, his ankle in three places, and his big toe. He's in a wheelchair because you can't use crutches with a broken clavicle.

He's had two surgeries since. The first put his shoulder back together. The scar is nasty and big.

The second surgery put his foot back together. He was in a cast for the first two weeks but they decided to put him in a boot for the remainder of his healing. He hates the boot and never wears it unless we have to leave the house. He says it irritates him.

The Xrays are my husbands. The clavicle is pretty obvious, but I still really don't see what's up with the foot. I suppose the doctor knows what he's doing.

Anyhow, he's slowly recovering.

Needless to say, he is home from work. He can't do what he does for a living from a wheelchair. Between having him home and dealing with every aspect of home life and keeping it all together I'm going crazy.

The wheelchair will hopefully be traded for crutches in two weeks. Since this occurred, we discovered our home is NOT handicap accessible or friendly in any way, shape, or form. If anything were to happen to us in our golden years we would have to make some major changes around here or move.

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