April 18, 2008

Friday Roundup

Last night the sky lit up. We had thunder and lightening coupled with pounding rain. This was good. Rain has been avoiding us save some sparse drizzle and dew. We need more.

This week I've been cleaning out the file cabinet. A part of a yearly ritual that I skipped last year for various reasons. Why do I keep so many papers? Old paid bills, receipts from the grocery store, and manuals from long gone devices cluttered my cabinet.

I decided I'm not going to keep so much anymore. Financial items, medical, insurance, and house stuff will be the only things saved from now on. I want my files to breathe.

I rearranged those manuals too. After tossing the long gone stuff, I designated a separate box for that mountain of information. One for easier access, two for ease in weeding out junk.

I tend to be rather organized. It helps me keep on top of things. However, I've been lax with those files. I'm not going to let them get the better of me ever again.

My poor shredder was hot when I finished my clean sweep. I hope it works the next time I use it.

This weekend we'll be finishing up a project on the boat. We've been rewiring the electronics and lights. What a horrible mess the old wires were. The previous owners obviously did not know that lamp wire should not be used in a saltwater fishing boat.

That rewire project is something we have put off for several years. There were other pressing matters regarding the motor and power-head that took a front seat. Boats are true money pits. But when you love the water, you have to open the change purse.

Once the nav lights are up and running again, we will start taking little water camping trips on the lake. I should have some interesting tales to tell when that happens.

I changed up the blog yesterday. I added some pictures and rearranged my layout. Please let me know if the colors make for difficult reading or are annoying. With so many different browsers and monitors out there I don't want to discourage visits.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Muse:

    I know what you mean about the files. It seems that keeping old receipts is a sore spot in our house. My Queen is very organized and has literally kept every receipt since were married. You don't need to know how long ago that was. I, on the other hand, like a clean shelf - no old junk. The problem comes when I get angry and throw something away. What happens is that a month or so down the line we suddenly need the exact document I threw away. Then she points the finger at me and I'm in the doghouse!

    Great post.

    Have a very nice day.


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