April 14, 2008

Fear of Rejection? Not this Muse

A few weeks ago I submitted a couple of articles. I have been working on implementing some of the things I've been writing about here. I wrote the articles, put them in queue, and waited. They were rejected.

Supposedly the topics were too common. I would agree that one may have been common. However, it had a personal approach and the information was from the latest research. In the end, I'm canning that article.

The other is a topic that I could narrow a bit. I also think I could change the title to make it more SEO friendly. I was thinking if I changed my keywords and phrases, I could get the article accepted. I'll be taking that on today so I can submit it again in a couple of weeks.

I've been working hard on this quest. I'm not going to let a little rejection stand in my way. Rejection only makes me want to improve.

Rejection is such a negative word.

I refuse to take your rejection
Having hit the button "ejection"
I will take a moment of reflection
And resubmit my selection

Okay, I'm sorry, that is a sad attempt at poetry. I'm just trying to stretch those creative muscles. Perhaps I should save that for Wednesday...
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  1. Been there...done that...been rejected that is...numerous times.

    'Tis better to have submitted and been rejected, than never having had the courage to submit at all!

    Go for it Muse!

  2. My first book was rejected 19 times. Then, once published, it was a real flop, sold only 75 copies.

    It's amazing the obstacles you can get on top of in life if you are determined to do so.

  3. Your poem gave me a much needed laugh, muse--and you know what they say about writers who've never been rejected? That they're not writers.

  4. Hi! Having read your news of rejection, I regret that they've hit that button. If I was the judge, I regret to say, I'd reject their rejection.

    Hang in there!

    Take Care,

  5. Muse:

    I feel your pain. A while back I submitted an article to a magazine I read on a regular basis. I waited for about a month before I called them to see what the status of my article was. The person on the other end said that it had been submitted to the editor, however, the editor wouldn't say whether or not it would be published. "Never?" I asked. "Never." He said. The editor's policy is to never, ever reveal that information to the writers.

    I hope you have better luck. Until then, have a nice day.

  6. You guys are all so encouraging! I will get it right now that you all have my back!!! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has faced rejection, though mine is on a much smaller scal--it is rejection just the same.


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