April 7, 2008

Promotion Play...

Promotion is a daunting task. I've been working through a few different things, trying new stuff, and throwing out bits and pieces of what I'm learning. I have joined yet another site: BlogFlux.

Blog Flux is a blog directory. I learned about it when this blog was just an idea floating around in my head. I wanted to get a few posts under my belt before I joined. I had forgotten all about it until I was doing some spring cleaning and organizing on my favorites tab. When my memory came back to me, I decided to log my blog with them.

They offer different tools that you may find useful for your blog. Note my new Page Rank button down on the right side. Okay so I'm only a 2, but two is better than zero. They also have blog templates, mapping tools, and button makers. Everything is conveniently stationed on one site for you to use to enhance your blog.

Once you register your blog, you join the ranks of other blogs and hopefully gain more readers. Blogs are categorized by genre. You can sift through like-minded bloggers to find new blogs, different blogs, and maybe generate topic ideas.

Since promotion is what makes the Internet go 'round, I guess joining all these sites is what you have to do.

I signed on for something else, but I'm going to work on it for a bit before I post about it. So far it has given me some new inspiration. The Workshop Wednesday post this week will give you a little clue as to what I did.

I'll be playing with it some more this week. I'll write a detailed post about it on Friday or Monday.
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  1. Muse,
    I like so much that you share your lessons as you learn them. I'll have to meander over to Blogflux.
    This promotion thing is not easy.

  2. Hi Kathy! There is so much out there about it. Picking what you are going to do and how you will tackle it all is such a chore.

  3. Muse,

    Excellent info. I decided not to just lurk today. I'm having braincramps...in the process of cutting swaths out of my novel...tedious and painful...so I had to put something in somewhere!


  4. Oh J, I know the feeling sort of...I'm suffering from some heartburn. I've been up working on the computer since 4 am with it and it seems to be getting worse by the minute. This compounded by the fact that I'm just plain exhausted. I've got an article that I've got to get done and I don't have the where with all to do it...Glad to see you.


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