April 4, 2008

A Friday Frustration Fix

This morning I was doing some reading and I came across a post by Lisa's World about using air and water for fuel: "Cars that run on WATER and AIR." Now, wouldn't that be nice?

I am sick and tired of the cost of gas creeping up. When the gas prices go up so does everything else. Then when prices go down, it seems that things aren't so retroactive. I believe that whoever is in control of this discovered that we will open our pocketbooks and suck it up.

Now, I'm not one to stir things up. However, I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Earlier this week we got a letter that our mortgage will increase because the taxes went up. So this morning I read a post by Jack Payne: "Legal Con-Man-Made Mortgage Crisis--Careful it does not Gobble You Up" It got me riled up and the post wasn't even really about my beef.

Yesterday my husband came home from work and informed me he got his yearly review. The reviews come with your annual raise. The review was glowing and extremely personal.

It said he is always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. How he actively takes newbies under his wing to help them along. He exceeds the company standards and always betters himself...Beautiful things about my man that I am extremely proud of--so don't mind my gloating.

Then the raise came. They only gave the standard amount they give every year, which is what they gave across the board, and does not account for the increase in cost of living.

I know for a fact that the company makes all of their money off the backs of men like my husband. He and his co-workers are the heart and soul of that place. They are also the most responsible parties if anything bad happened under their hands. However, they are the least paid.

The company is the epitome of top heavy. I think the phrase, too many chiefs and not enough Indians fits it to a tee. Many times the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The big wigs are getting rich while the grunts do all the work. Then they wonder why company morale is at an all time low.

I think it is really sad how things are. We just have to take it I guess.

I'll do my thing today. Tomorrow I'll wake up and relish the fact that it's Saturday. No work for my husband. No work for me. We can just play with the kids and enjoy the life we have together.
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  1. Enjoy your Saturday, Muse! Sounds like you need a break!

    I've been lurking a bit because I'm under deadline, but couldn't resist commenting here. This post reminds me of a post by J.A. Konrath on his blog, A Newbies Guide to Publishing. About how writers are not honored (or paid particularly well). But as the writers' strike showed all the "grunts" in this world would be much missed.

  2. Oh, that is so frustrating! So while they can probably raise their prices because the cost of living is going up, they don't raise salaries the same amount. I've heard that this is a nationwide problem, and it was going on long before the recession they keep talking about, so that those with middle incomes and lower just make less and less in relation to what they can buy.

  3. Hey Conda, true, so true. Lurking is good, I do that a lot myself.

    Hi Book Lady, employers need to step up to the plate with those raises. People are not making it.


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