December 13, 2007

Lesson Learned about Networking and Communication

I've been playing a little catch up the last few days. I like to dress up my pages as the seasons/ holidays change. One I've been doing for a long time now is my me page on eBay. Also, my blog over there.

I have to say I logged in and set up my me page last week and didn't bother with my blog layout. I figured no one had been looking at it, I hadn't updated since last month. I was so wrong. The hits are at 6,000+.

I read through a couple of blogs but did not see many familiar faces. I decided to post a little entry anyway. I was surprised that there were a couple of lurkers that I know and they said their hello. I really miss playing around with eBay, and apparently, I'm missed too. I've decided that I need to schedule a little time for it once the holidays are passed me.

There you go. I just gave an example of exactly what I was talking about in yesterday's post on networking (or at least it applies a bit): "Keep the lines of communication open after initial meetings. In the case of networking, absence does not make the heart grow fonder, it makes it forget."

Another interesting eBay thing for me of late. I had written a few reviews and guides and posted them there. Last week I actually got a question about one of my guides asking for my recommendation for a camera (the guide was about buying a digital camera). I felt honored.

I am inspired by the paths I have laid out for my self. I am committed to keep them clear.


  1. My goodness, Muse, I never knew eBay had a me page and a my blog page as well! And an excellent point about forgetting. I think we all need to think about what we set up before, and make sure we can keep it up.

  2. I had been so active there up until I started writing. Not so much with selling, just chatting and learning. (I've "been there and done that" with the selling stuff.)

    Since I did the research for those marketing posts, I realize that I'm missing out on an opportunity to get my articles read.

    I've made a resolution to get back into the swing of things over there. Now I have to learn to manage my time so I can do it all.


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