December 8, 2007

Gaining Readership: Promotion Tips to Get You Read!

Continuing on with the content marketing themes...

You've been writing, editing, branding, and now your content is out there; what do you do with it? Promote it! No one is going to know about it unless you do a little foot work, or I should say click work.

I've already posted some of my strategies in "Promotion: Using the Tools to Link Myself Together," but let's talk a little more about it.

  • Email: A powerful tool. Think about all of the emails you get, what about the emails you send? Do you have an email signature? An email signature is a little clickable link you can pretty up, or make business like, that will bring family, friends, and associates to your articles. If you don't already have a signature, set one up. (The above 'email signature' link is for Outlook information, search email signature for other options.)

  • Communities, Groups, Forums, Social Networking: Great ways to promote your content! You provide your link, a little abstract, and the readers will come. However, you have to reciprocate reading with other members.

  • Comment: Comment and ye shall receive comments. This is probably the best way to gain readers. If you show interest in other people's work, they will look at yours. You should also check bradblog2's post: "Comments-Do YOU want more?"

  • Link: You link to yourself and others. Share information you've researched and written through links. Not only will you be paid back for it through link backs to your stuff, you will be giving kudos to others.

  • Blog: Create a blog and write about what you have written. Provide links to your specified content.

When you promote your work you are automatically creating a buzz about it. Joining communities and participating, while sharing your expertise, will help you flourish. Once people are reading your content, sharing it, and writing about it, you never know who may pick up on it--think publishers, producers, manufacturers.


  1. Problem is, by the time you've done all the promo bits, you haven't done any writing.

  2. How true! Wouldn't it be nice to not have to sleep?

    I'm trying to make time. I've got a few words down here and there.


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