December 9, 2007

Generate a Buzz about Your Content

The next theme from content marketing...

Create a Buzz!

Great promotion is going to get your article buzzing. But, you can kick it up a notch.
  • Can you tie your content to something hot that's happening in the news?
  • The Holidays always generate chaos, can you link your latest to the festivities?
  • Come up with something that hasn't been tapped yet, get it out there, and promote it. If it's innovative, it's sure to attract a buzz.

  • Be consistent with your promotion. Produce related content on a regular basis to keep up the promotion momentum.

  • Give readers a reason to come back, or refer to you, don't stagnate, be productive, and stay on top of the current trends.

  • Ask an expert for help. If you can get a respected leader in the field to give you a pat on the back, you will gain some of that recognition just by association.

Some adaptation from: "The Top 7 Ways To Create Incredible Buzz For Your Business" by Christopher M. Knight


  1. Good points, Muse, and especially valuable around the holiday season. Linking to something hot that people want to read about=buzz. Or at least a glance...

    Do you have any suggestions, however, on how to have time to "keep on top of current trends"? I'm still working on Christmas gifts!

  2. Is it Christmas time? Already?

    I have no idea how to keep on top of it really. Maybe little or no sleep?

    Actually I've subscribed to a few great blogs. I'm working on adding them to my 'great blogs' section. These guys must never sleep, or they outsource their blogging/research.

    There is no such thing as having enough time. Frankly I have to limit myself. I've made a schedule so I don't go into overtime/overload online.

    The worst thing is I'm spending more time writing on the blog than writing articles. Forget any pleasure writing.

    Once I finish this content marketing thing, I'm going to move to other aspects. By the New Year I hope to be going in another direction entirely--something more enjoyable! If I can find the time.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi! I have read your articles with great interest. Even though I'm not selling anything tangible nor seeking financial gain, I do make an effort to get my voice heard to reach my goal.

    I suppose that would be classed as promotion, although I prefer the word enthusiasm better.

    I started with a theme that was directed at a niche group. It didn't take long to learn that there was more to life than just my voice on the net with a special message.

    So having lost my tunnel vision, I deviated without complaint and was immediately swept away into the paths of others. Even though their goals and messages are different, they are all a great place to visit. Just like yours!

    The reason I go back to a site is plane and simple. I like what they have to say in words and in images. That's the Buzz for me now!


  4. Yes, Peter, I agree.

    One of these days I'm actually going to start writing. Okay, I am 'writing', about what I'm researching at the moment.

    On my home forum there are constantly questions about promotion and how to get readers to read your work. I've had the same questions. That's why I've started writing these little research pieces.

    Don't you just love the variety you can find here? It's amazing. I have read so many wonderful pieces and met some awesome people. I really wish I had started this a long time ago.

    That's where my tunnel vision came into play. I had the means, my computer, and the flow, my ideas, but I never took the step. I thought, I've got too much going on, I work too much, what about the (then) kid I can't take away from her...Now I realize where there's a will there's a way.


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