September 1, 2007

Finding time

How do you find time to get things done? Sometimes I wish there was one more day in the week, one more hour in a day, and one more minute in an hour. I wish for a lot.

When you're spending time with family and there is unfinished business to attend to what do you do? Personally I put it on the back burner and enjoy my family.

Today I have to go grocery shopping. This is a chore I despise. The store is always crowded, people are inconsiderate, and it gives me a headache. I've been putting it off this morning because I was enjoying playing with the little one. Family time is more important.

My husband keeps asking if I'm ready to go. I say, "in a minute." I log on to the computer and start working on this entry and I hear him grumbling. Oh well, I'm stealing time.

I am definitely not inspired by shopping, but I may be inspired if I come across one gesture of kindness while I'm there. If I do, I'll write it down because it will be a first.

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