August 31, 2007

Working at home, I'm working on it

I've been a stay at home mom for a little over three years now. I haven't missed a thing with the three year old and I'm filled with joy about it. When my teen was little, I had to work full-time and go to school, I missed a lot. Now I've enjoyed being one of those moms that goes to all the school functions. I'm loving it!

The little one will be going to school in two years. Since I've gotten a taste of what it's like to be home, I don't want to go back to the daily grind. As kids grow they get more expensive. One income just doesn't cut it.

So, what do I do? I've been selling on eBay. I've started writing for Associated Content. I've signed up to be one of those blog advertisers. I've been looking into blogging for money and freelancing. So far it's working!

I'm working on working at home. I am inspired to succeed!

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