September 11, 2007

Broken Down

This morning the car broke. There is nothing inspirational about that. But, turning a bad situation around and finding something good can be.

It seem lately that our luck with automobiles has taken a turn for the worst. I remember when I got my first car. Thinking about it leaves me with warm fuzzies. It never left me stranded. If it broke, it was something simple like a clutch, rotor, or an injector. I loved that car--if you can love an inanimate object as such.

I still have that car but it doesn't run anymore. 300,000 plus miles on it and a broken windshield. Okay maybe there are a few other minor things wrong. It sits in my sister's driveway as we speak. I've often dreamed of restoring it. I'm sure that a few minor fixes and it would be as good as new.

You see, it is a 280 zx. The 1981 model--the best model ever put out. The last time it was driven all that had to be done was to charge the battery a bit. Sure it spit an sputtered as it choked in the little bit of rust laden fuel it had in it. But it ran and drove. Now that's a car!

I often consider the restoration project. I alone because no one else wants to tackle the project with me. Well, I am the one with the sentimental value attached.

I am inspired by a restoration dream. Reliving my fond memories of cruising around in that car, the stereo blasting and the wheels spinning, what a beautiful dream.

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