September 4, 2007

Family fun time

What do you do with your family to have fun? We enjoy all kinds of activities. Our favorite is boating.

We like to take the girls to the lake and tool around on the water. Usually we bring a picnic lunch, snacks, and lots of drinks. We find a spot in the center of the lake and stop to eat. We don't have to anchor or tie to anything, we just drift. Sometimes we fish while we dine but for the most part we just people watch.

It's fun to watch others skiing, tubing, or trying their hand at the boogie board. We have a large tube called Big Bertha. Sometimes we tow it around to get a few laughs at ourselves; but mostly we like to watch others and just swim around the boat when we need to cool off.

You can spend hours floating on the water. There's something cleansing about it. I feel that sharing that kind of family time is showing our girls that there is more to life than TV, video games, and computers. We're filling their memory banks with valuable information.

I'm inspired to do more, share more, be more.

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