September 6, 2007

It's still dark

I just love this time of day. The sun is still sleeping. The moon and stars are high up in the sky. Just beautiful. Actually, we've had so much rain lately that I haven't been able to see the moon and stars, just the blackness of clouds. What a treat this morning.

The kids will be up soon. Once the oldest goes off to school, the youngest and I will be busy practicing coloring. We've been working on staying inside the lines. I know it will take a while, but practice makes perfect.

We watched the Power of 10 for the first time last night. I didn't like it much. How can you guess percentages if you don't know the surveyed people. One of the estimations was about the percentage of Americans that would tell their children when they started having sex. The result was an extremely high percentage would disclose the information. I did not agree. Who were the people on the survey panel? What were the ages? How about some demographics? A lot of the percentages would depend on who you were surveying. I got just about all the percentages wrong. Maybe it's just me.

My inspiration today is found in the pre-dawn sky.

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