May 9, 2008

What I Heard this Morning and My Thoughts

This morning I was out on the back deck enjoying the morning air, the birds singing, and watching the sun come up. Suddenly, I heard sirens screaming. All of the dogs in the neighborhood started howling and barking at once.

The dogs having barking fits doesn't surprise me. A lot creatures live here so there's always some sort of commotion. The sirens surprised me.

Living in a rural area you don't hear many sirens or city type noises. All you hear is country. Pure peace, that's what we wanted when we chose this community.

Since we moved here, about 5 years ago, we've enjoyed the laid back lifestyle. When I hear sirens, I get anxious. I know it can't be good. Either a house is burning or there's a field fire. Could be an accident or a help call for a neighbor.

The sirens were coming from the main farm road that accesses our neighborhood. It's a two lane road that bridges two main highways. The road is hilly so there's not a lot of visibility. With all of the building going on around here, and the increase in traffic, I'm sure I will hear more sirens in the future.

A few months ago there was an accident that took the life of a little one. A memorial sat on the side of the road for a time. It was the saddest thing I ever saw, a Hippo walker that gobbles up blocks. The display was adorned with flowers and stuffed toys.

One day the memorial disappeared. I wonder what happened to it? I can't imagine the child's parents removing it after taking the time to put it up. I wouldn't think it was picked up as garbage, as it was clearly a memorial.

Memorials spot the highways in many parts of Texas. There is one for a girl named Amy close by, which is updated every season with appropriately colored silk flowers. I've never seen those dedicated family members working on that memorial, but you know when they've been there.

On the highway to San Antonio there are several memorials. One changes at Christmas time when the family brings a little tree to display.

I've lost loved ones, so I understand grief and memorials. However, I've never lost a loved one to an accident. I can't imagine that kind of grief. I can't imagine the kind of grief families feel losing loved ones overseas. Murder, crime, abuse or the like, I couldn't bear either.

I hope the sirens I heard this morning were for a speed trap.

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  1. Muse:

    Yes, let's hope it's a speed trap. I am used to these roadside memorials. We live close to a road that runs parallel to the railroad tracks. At any given month you'll probably see at least two memorials someplace along that road. One day a policeman was standing a little too close to the tracks and a train actually hit him with something that was sticking out from one the the boxcars. On another day a teenager smashed his car into the cement pylons of the overpass. Then a woman and her children got stuck on the tracks and the train hit them. It's always something, and the little piles of wilted flowers keep the tragedies fresh in our minds, and our hearts. So I agree with you. Whenever I her a siren, I hope that it's just a speeding ticket.

    Have a safe day.

  2. Hey Swu! It is so sad. I was wondering if people in other states did the same.

    A friend of mine was killed by a train in high school. She was on her way to school coming to the tracks and did not see the train coming. This crossing did not have gates or lights because it was a dirt road at the time. It was a bad day at school that day.

    You be safe too.

  3. We have those memorials all over the roads in North Carolina too. We even have one where I live where a guy was murdered in a restaurant parking lot. Can't be good for business on that one.

    Loved the picture of the bluebonnets! I'm getting ready to put up another post with this year's bluebonnets are just getting established. With the type soil we have they may never be as thick as in Texas, but my neighbors were awed this year.

  4. Hi J.L., I took that picture last year. The bluebonnets are not as thick this year, probably the lack of rain.

    I can't wait to see yours.

  5. Im with you and worry when i hear sirens go past. I hope it was for something trivial.

  6. Hello casdok! It is stressful.


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