May 30, 2008

Content Article Conflict and Brainstorming Resolution

The last few days have made my brainstorming brain hurt. AC is having a writing contest: The Ultimate Call for Content. The theme is "What's Next?" Meaning what's going to be the "thing" of 2009.

Writers can write content on any topic of interest--a person, technology, how-to, etc. However it cannot be overdone, it must be SEO friendly, and it must be a tight 400-500 words.

I tend not to be too tight...I like wordy expressions, leading phrases, and overused puns.

The prize is $5000. That said, after the way the year started, I'm really going to try my best on this one. I believe I picked a good topic. I researched it to the bone yesterday. I put some words on the screen, edited a bit, and now I'm letting it sit.

The only problem is on the call announcement screen it says the content call will be released on June 3 and you have until midnight to submit your work. Usually when they put out a C4C they tell you what they want and you go from there.

This time they released the vague theme and topic choice ahead of time. I just hope they don't throw us for a loop on the 3rd and say, "Write about _____." I know there are a lot of producers working on something now. Wouldn't it be a shame if AC did something like that?

Tomorrow I'm going to read through my article content again. I'll be double checking my SEO, keyword density, crossing my t's and dotting my i's.

I wonder what everyone else is writing about? My curiosity always gets the best of me. I know there are a lot of really good SEO/keyword/LSI writers at AC. I'm especially curious about what their topics are. Of course I'm not giving away my topic choice here or anywhere. I know they wouldn't either.

How do you go about selecting a topic for an article like that? Your choice on the theme "What's Next?" There are so many ways to go. I decided to look at the Yahoo and Google most searched stuff first. That was no help. Most of what they've got listed there is the stuff the teens are searching for--hot actors.

I ended up digging a little deeper and found a few things that interested me. Then I did some brainstorming to narrow it down. Hold your chair because I'm going to tell you something interesting. For my brainstorming session, I actually used pen and paper!

I write notes a lot, but I have not done much brainstorming on paper since college. I think it really helped. At least I hope it did.

I hope everyone has a super weekend! If you're writing for the content call, Good Luck!
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  1. Pen and paper! Not used enough these days. Good luck in the contest my friend

  2. Thanks Sherer! There were a lot of good AC producers entering. I just hope I did what was wanted.


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