May 21, 2008

Adapt, Innovate, Create, and Invent: My Writing Pledge

I was watching the news last night. I try not to watch it, but there was a special report about saving on gas I wanted to see. The report was interesting and discussed using water to increase fuel mileage.

Basically, by adding this little piece of equipment to your vehicle that turns water into hydrogen gas, you can get up to 80 miles per gallon. Interesting. The technique is not perfected yet. Some adjustments must be made for the process to work and the car's computer must be tweaked.

I do not know all the specifics, and I'm not all that mechanically inclined, but it sounds really interesting. Here's the link for the report.

If you watch it, the mechanic talks about how Americans adapt, innovate, create, and invent. I've been working on my writing. I absorb everything so I can improve myself.

Writing articles for the Internet is rather tricky. All that keyword density, SEO, and promotion is daunting. So, I have to adapt my writing to marketing demand.

Then I read the article out loud...

How many times can you say "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers," without tying your tongue in knots? I swear some articles are soooooooo repetitive it drives me crazy. But the search engines want it that way. Frankly, I did not learn how to write that way.

Recently, I wrote an article on green burials. It should be coming up soon. As interesting as it was to do the research about it, learn about it, and think about it, I do not feel as if it came across how I wanted it to be.

My keyword phrase "green burial" spots the article as if it has chicken pox. It was intentional. I admit it.

Am I compromising my writing by doing this? I wonder. I guess it's something I have to do, if I want to write for the web.

I have to adapt my style to create Internet friendly work. I must do this in an innovative way. This will lead me to invent strategies to incorporate web friendliness into my style of writing.

So there you have it, my new pledge.
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  1. Hmm, quite interesting, even intriguing, Muse. I'd be inclined to say the change in how we're using the language is inevitable. And there's no true knowing of how this communication revolution will affect us and in what different ways.

    If you want to be truly shocked, try reading a Victorian novel...

  2. I honestly am NOT leaving this comment for self-promotion but my latest blog post, about a rare book and selling it, might give you something to ponder about how to market yourself, timing, reaching your audience, etc. It is simply a true memoir. All interpretations and lessons are really up to the reader.

  3. Hi Conda! I've read Victorian before...I had to take a Victorian lit course, interesting indeed.

    It is interesting to see how things are a-changin' everyday I see something that makes me scratch my head.

    Hi Booking! I think I read it, but I'll check again...And, hey, self-promotion and backlinks are all good! We read each other all the time, why not benefit from it!


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