May 14, 2008

Dream Journals, Night Terrors, and Me

I cannot sleep. Either I have these weird dreams, the little one wakes up, or the dog starts barking. The little one and dog are really no big deal. It's those dreams.

The other night I woke up startled. I sat up in the bed and felt as if I had been shocked. My husband grabbed my arm and asked me what was wrong, I was calling for help. I have no idea what was wrong. I cannot remember the dream.

I think I was abducted by aliens. Really, I do. Sometimes I have dreams that involve being whipped through the air, unbearable noises, blinding lights, and crazy distorted figures. I always wake with a jerk afterwards, like I had fallen into bed.

For a time I kept a dream journal. I was trying to pinpoint where these night terrors came from. It was useless. I could never remember enough of the bad dreams to write them down. Good or erotic dreams were no problem to remember; I have plenty of those written on paper.

Dream journals are supposed to give you insight. That's what I heard. I do not know how much insight I got from keeping one, but I did get a lot of practice writing. I kept a notebook and jotted down what I could remember about the dream(s). Later I transcribed those dreams and filled in the blanks.

Do you keep a dream journal? Have you ever kept one? If not for anything else it's useful for writing practice. I suppose I could work up a raunchy novel from some of my dreams--I do not want to go there though. Or do I?

I should pull out the old dream journal and work on it. Maybe I can get these dreams figured out this go round.
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  1. I've gotten story ideas from dreams. Usually those real vivid ones I get when I'm stressed over a specific problem. Usually the intense dreams don't seem to have any relationship to the problem and yet sometimes "sleeping on it" works--isn't it odd how our minds function?

  2. Muse:

    With dreams that powerful and scary, maybe they're caused by some medication you're taking. Or maybe you are eating or drinking too late. My wife takes several prescription pills in the evening and she also has powerful dreams.

    Get some sleep.

  3. Hey you two!

    Conda, I just love how the mind works!

    Swu, I'm not on any new meds...Perhaps it was the whiskey? Just kidding.

    Really, I've had bouts of this ever since I was little. I try to just forget and move on, but sometimes that's hard to do.

    Some how, some way, I'm going to make these night terrors work to my advantage.

    by the by, I do not like what has changed in the comment form. It takes entirely too long to load. I may have to change to the other format.

  4. Hi! My dreams are rarely scary. They're a bit on the weird side though, but always enjoyable.

    My dreams normally occur in bed but one night shift, where I hadn't slept for days, I fell asleep whilst walking down a ward corridor.

    I bet no one has ever done that!

    Take Care,


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