March 3, 2008

Summertime Memories and Plans

I've been thinking about summer. The other day my husband and I were discussing the feasibility of our yearly vacation. We may have to shorten our trip to a long weekend instead of the week we usually take. The girls will be disappointed.

The last few years my in laws have joined us. We all have a fine time playing on the beach and enjoying down time together. Their being there has advantages beyond family bonding time; they can babysit!

If we go, I don't know that we'll bring the boat. In spite of the desire to fish off shore, the last three years we hauled it there only to have it sit in the parking lot. Which is really sad to say. There would either be rain or small water craft advisories keeping us out of the water.

Last year we did get to take it for a cruise down the channel. We drove through this beautiful water community. Those houses were amazing.

A funny thing happened to us while we were on that short cruise, the boat decided it did not want to run at full power. So we just putted along the entire time.

When the vacation ended we took the boat out on the lake to troubleshoot it. That sucker ran like a bat out of hell. We determined that our salt water fishing rig only likes fresh water.

I guess the same goes for boats as it does for people: There's no place like home!

In all reality, I could make my home at the coast. The boat may not like it, but who cares what the boat wants. There's nothing like the feeling of sand between my toes. I feel so alive when I run into the water and jump the waves.

Imagine how great it would be to comb the beach everyday. Think of the treasures the girls and I could find. I could even get one of those metal detector things to help me find riches beyond my wildest dreams!

I guess there would be a down side or two. The humidity is unbelievable. Sand pretty much gets into everything regardless of what you do. Groceries seem to be more expensive there too.

Well I can fantasize if I want to.

I wrote an article about Port Aransas a while back: Port Aransas, Texas: A Fall or Winter Vacation Destination. I've been thinking about other articles on the subject. Perhaps I could write a series of articles pinpointing hot spots, fishing spots, night life...That article is general and covered a broad topic call for content that AC asked for in their newsletter.

Now the wheels are turning. How inspirational!

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  2. Nice post. I also love the beach. When the Queen and I were much younger we'd walk along the beach everyday. She'd collect sea shells, and I'd just daydream and take in the sights. Then, of course, there were the ubiquitous metal detector guys. They showed us rings and coins, and charms and all the other stuff they'd found. I thought it was cool, and I was determined to get one of those gadgets when I retired. But now that I'm retired, we're usually too tired to fight the traffic all the way to the beach. In our case, it's about 50 miles. Funny how we change.

    Great story. have a nice day.

  3. Swu, you are only 50 miles from the beach and you are not there every weekend? We're almost four times that far away. Before the baby, we went at least monthly during the summer, sometimes twice a month.

    I've got to get one of those metal detectors! I want to be "that guy" (okay gal).

    I can't wait for summer!

  4. "Who cares what the boat wants"! Fun post. I live a long distance, unlike Swu, from any coast and this post made me yearn for some beach time.

  5. Lovely post...but I don't like sand...I've spent too much time in deserts. My idea of coast is the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland, or the rocky shoreline of Scotland.

    Back in 2002 we took our kids to Ireland for the summer. Well, of course they wanted the sandy beach...which there is in Ireland also. But mid-July temps were in the 60's...the kids went in anyway and actually the water was warmer than the air.

  6. Muse:

    Believe it or not, the Queen and I used to be at the beach at least four times a week. We'd visit the local beach after work just to sit and watch the surfers. On the weekends we'd high tail it to Venice beach and walk up and down the boardwalk all day. Those were the good old days. We saw some interesting stuff during those years. After the sun started to go down we'd drive on up to Santa Monica and have dinner at a restaurant on the pier, and then spend the rest of the evening having drinks and watching all the evening beach people. More interesting stories. We've just gotten too lazy. But we still love it. Actually there's nothing like driving down to the beach early in the morning and having breakfast. It's so relaxing.

    Hang-ten Muse

  7. Oh, j.l., I'd love to see those cliffs! That must have been an awesome trip.

    Swu, now that's what I'm talking about! I can't wait to read some of those stories!!!


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