March 10, 2008

Backlinks: The Chains Part Three

In Backlinks: The Chains Part Two, we talked about stats and I discussed the tracker Who Links to Me? At the end I mentioned another site I was looking into. The site is StatCounter.

StatCounter logs visitors to your site, blog, or pages. Most of us are familiar with blogrush, which shows you the clickthroughs you are getting on particular articles through blogrush. Who links to me? Tells you who's linking to you. Feedburner is good for some statistic action also.

All of that's great, but I want to know a few other things. How am I being found? What keywords are working and which aren't? Like most of the tools I mention here, StatCounter is free for the basic service; if you want to log more, you have to pay.

Along with a page view counter you get keyword analysis, which tells you what people are searching for to get to your site. Popular pages tells you which pages people are hitting on the most. Entry sites tells you which pages they come in at, whether its the home or another page. There's a lot of other more complicated stuff you can use, but I'm more interested in the keyword statistics.

Unlike Who Links to Me? You have to register this tool and set up an account. I think it's more geared toward those selling through their site. But some of the SEO information is useful for the web writing aspect.

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  1. Its fasinating what you are able to do these days!

  2. So true! The more I learn, the more intrigued I get.

  3. How funny. I use Statcounter, but I hadn't even heard of Blogrush. I'm definitely checking it out, though. Thanks. You can also find links to your site via Technorati. It logs other blog posts that link to you.

  4. I've been thinking about Technorati for a while now. I just haven't signed up yet. So many things to do, not enough time to do it in...That's the story of my life.

  5. Muse:

    I can read your blog better now. The new background provides enough contrast against the green text.

    Interesting subject. I was with StatCounter. But suddenly one day my account just disappeared. After that I could no longer access my statistics. Plus, there was no way to contact them about the problem. I wasn't happy about the whole thing. So, now I'm in search for another page counter.

    On a different issue. I'm experiencing a lot of sidebar trouble with Blogger. Are you also?

    HAve a nice day.

  6. Hey Swu, I'm glad it's better for you. Thanks for letting me know.

    About the side bar, YES. Also, I've been having troubles with not even being able to access the blog at all--some server issues, they said.

    I wonder if they are doing maintenance? I've seen that before with other sites. Sometimes my widgets and pictures won't show either...Crazy computers.

    That's weird about StatCounter. So far, I put it up a few weeks back, I have not had any issues.

    You know I was searching around on Blogger for some other information and I came across some counters they have here. I bet if you search "counters" or "counter" on your dashboard help search area you could get it. They had quite a few to choose from.

    Have a super day!

  7. I agree with Swubird about your blog, Muse, this is much easier to read. And after all, that's what it's primarily about--right?

    Another informative post, good work, Muse!


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