August 26, 2008

Moving up the Associated Content Ladder!

I got a raise at Associated Content! My clout has been sitting on 6 all summer long and today I logged in to check on an article I submitted and I'm a 7 now! Finally.

The raise in clout means I get .05 more PPM/1000 pay! In the long run, long tail, it works for me. Actually, it almost makes me want to do more promotion to move to clout 8.

I wanted to thank everyone for clicking my Associated Content articles when I post them here and through my widget. Without those clicks I would have never made the move up.

It's funny, I've been doing AC and this blog for one year now. I built the blog right after I joined AC. I make money writing articles for AC but I post more on the blog. I guess I like expressing myself more than conforming to the SEO faction.

Now that school has started up again I'll be back to writing articles again. As you know I put a few things on the back burner during the summer. I submitted one the other day and I'm planning on doing at least one a week.

So, I'll lay out my new goals:
  • 1 AC article per week
  • 2-3 blog posts per blog per week
  • 2 lenses per week (after I meet my 50 goal)

I know I can accomplish this if I spread myself out evenly.

Join Associated Content!

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