August 22, 2008

The 2008 Olympics: My Favorite Game and Some General Observations

We've been tuning into the Olympic games almost every evening. My favorite game used to be Gymnastics but I've evolved to Beach Volley Ball. I can't exactly pin down why except that I used to play some myself.

It seems some of the rules have changed. Maybe it's just my memory is failing me. But some of the plays I saw seemed borderline fouls. Oh well, I'm sure they know what they're doing as they are the experts. I'm glad about the end results.

Last night I was anxiously awaiting the Men's Beach Volley Ball finals. I watched the Track events sporadically as I cleaned up after dinner. First, I could not believe the US Men dropped the baton during the relays. Then, I couldn't believe the gals followed suit.

As I picked my jaw up off the floor, I thought, that's a shame and they really should have practiced more.

Then there's the Men's 400. Why was Jeremy Wariner so upset? Of all the competitors, trials, and eliminations, he took the Silver Medal! To me, it was an awesome showing.

I think he showed poor sportsmanship in the interview after the race. The Olympics are supposed to exhibit Unity, Fellowship, and Honor. I understand he was upset about the result. However, sometimes you just have to suck it up and put on a happy face.

Finally, about China's Gymnasts...I was really suspicious about the ages of some of their girls. They just look so young. Then the investigations and reports started. It will be interesting to see what happens with this.

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  1. I have the same experience watching the Olympics--only with me it's the Winter Olympics. I grew up in a ski resort ice skating and I love watching the ice dancers. Because I know how incredibly difficult it is to "ice dance!"

  2. Muse:

    I agree with everything you said. On the China gymnastic kids, it is so obvious. I also wonder what the investigation will show and what the Olympic Committee will do about it. I suspect nothing. It seems that all Communists countries lie and cheat whenever they get the chance. Honesty and fair play just don't seem to be part of their manifesto!

    Happy trails.

  3. I like the women's beach volleyball...that's my new favorite!

    I also tuned in for women's soccer, basketball and indoor volleyball and the men's indoor volleyball and basketball.

    Caught the other events here and there. I concur on the Chinese gymnasts, no way a couple of them meet the minimum age. In fact the makeup they put on them actually made them look younger!

  4. My favorites are the gymnastics and diving. I just love seeing how graceful people can be, and the ways in which they can twist their bodies. They continually amaze me.

  5. Conda, I love Ice Skating also. My father played hockey in his youth. He used to take me ice skating when I was little.

    I loved skating but was never any good.

  6. Swu, you may be right on the money there. I haven't heard much more since the reports.

  7. J.L., Beach Volley Ball rocks! My husband loves the Woman's Beach Volley Ball too. But I tend to think his reasons are a little different than mine.

    You are so right about the makeup.

  8. Caryn, I forgot all about the diving. That was spectacular! I couldn't believe some of those moves. Especially the hand stand dives...Amazing!

  9. Hi! I can just imagine why some women would like to watch the men play beach volley ball. Probably the same reason why men like to watch the girls play beach volley ball. Mind you, some of the uniforms leave very little for the imagination!

    Take Care,


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