July 9, 2008

My Horoscope: Time to take Action, Muse!

How often do you read your horoscope? I read mine just about everyday I'm on the computer. I have it as a part of my homepage. Here's what it says for today:

This is a wonderful day to get stuff started! If you've been delaying making travel plans, calling up that cutie, or getting you car fixed, it's time to stop stalling and do what you need to do. You've been thinking and pondering long enough. Now it's time to act. You can be confident that whatever is begun today will end in a huge success. As for your concerns that you're not quite ready: Well, you're never going to be completely prepared. But you can make things up as you go along!

Funny, I really want to go on vacation, my hubby has a sexy phone voice and is a cutie, and my car is broke down. Call me paranoid, but is somebody watching me?

All that aside, the first sentence: This is a wonderful day to get stuff started! Indeed it is! You know me, everyday is a wonderful day for me to start something. As a matter of fact, I started two new Squidoo lenses in the last two weeks:

I put a lot more effort in these two. I learned a few more tricks about Squidoo also. I'll make a separate post to talk about the tricks.

Back to my horoscope, it says I should quit thinking and start doing. I guess I've had the irons in the coals long enough? Whatever I start today is going to be a huge success. I don't know whether I should build a lens, write an article, or start that book I've been thinking about.

The last part really made me laugh because it's so true about me: ...make things up as you go along! I do that all the time.

I suppose no matter what I do, it'll be grand!
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  1. Yes, but all the things you mentioned starting can't be started in parallel...you have to start them sequentially.

    OK, so start one of them. Then you'll have three projects to work on when one or the other starts getting boring.

    But then there is doing the mommy thing and all, so you will be busy anyway...if not entertained. ;)

  2. Hello J.L.!

    So I have to tell you I only started one thing. I think it was a good thing.

    Of course you know I start new things everyday...Perhaps I bore too easily. So I have so many WIPs going on I don't know which to work on.

    Being a mommy is my favorite project. Hence the slower progress during the summer.

    Take care!

  3. Hi! Do I read my horoscope? A: Nope! I just look at my bank account to see what type of day I'm going to have.

    May all your horoscope's be good ones!

    Take Care,


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