January 30, 2008

Thinking About Writing

It's still dark outside. The air is crisp. The sky is silky, velvet black. I stood on the deck and drank in the moment. Looking at the half moon, and the stars wrapped around it, I felt good.

I wrote a poem several years back, Night Storm. The poem, while not my first, is my favorite. It begins like this:
Up above, the reticent moon rests in the sky,
Stars accessorize it like diamonds do a face.
Together they're suspended in a black velvet case...
(I know, accessorize, what was I thinking?) This morning I thought about it and my writing. Right now, I'm faltering.

Words are beautiful. Have you ever wanted to say something and just couldn't express yourself? The words sat on the tip of your tongue but would not budge? Perhaps they sat on your fingertips?

Yesterday I was working on an article for my series. The words spilled on the page. I was amazed at how fast I cranked it out. Then I edited it.

The topic is one which I know a lot about, bar management. That was my career for a long stint. Not the best of me for sure, but I enjoyed it. Yes, I went to college. Yes, I have a degree. Having worked there, getting promoted, and loving the people so much, I just couldn't find it in my heart to leave at the time.

A little tidbit, my Grandfather was also into bar management/ownership. He led an interesting life and actually knew "Minnesota Fats", Rudolph Wanderone!

The article is way too long for the Internet. I think I may break it in two if I can't pare it down today. I just want to get it finished and submitted so I can move on. You know how it goes...

My inspiration circles the moon. I'm feeling it now.

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  1. Interesting post. Accessorize? Just kidding.

    Yes, I have had the words on the tip of my tongue on more than one occasion, and just couldn't get them out.

    Right now, as a matter of fact, I'm working on an article. It's something I really feel passionate about. But I can't write, because I can't find the words. Frustrating! When my wife and I are sitting in the movies, suddenly brilliant words come to me, but by the time we get home - gone! I carry a notepad - no use. It's killing me Larry!

    I enjoyed your post and you have a very nice site. Keep up the good work,

    have a nice day.

  2. Hi! Contemplation set in the surrounds you have mentioned, gives me the feeling that I would never want to leave it.

    The wanting to be frozen in time to savour similar experiences, strikes us all.

    Whether it's to escape ones troubles and or to stay in a place that reminds us of the good times, doesn't really matter.

    "Escaping reality" is not a bad thing. Because when you're there, you're able to think and plan for the future and revisit the past.

    As long as we come back to the ones that care for us and for the ones we care for.

    As for writer's block, you're not alone on this one. Yes, at times I've sat and done nothing. Very frustrating to say the least. I walk away and make time for a ciggy and coke.

    Then all of a sudden like a bolt out of the blue, its turns for the better and the words spill out. I can't guarantee they'll be any good but at least I start writing.

    My inspiration comes from my experiences with family and friends. I'm feeling it now, as I listen to you!

    Take Care,

  3. Swubird, hello! I can't tell you how many times I've had the same thing happen to me. I guess that's why we keep trudging through. Now, get that article written!

    Hi Peter! I feel the same. To freeze a moment would be surreal. I've often thought of going back in time too. To return to one of those moments of perfection...Would we ever want to go on? Certainly (how else would we make new moments). Thinking of that, I guess, in a small way, that is why we have memories--what a beautiful thing!

  4. This even happens to me when I'm working on a novel. In my head, while I'm driving or walking the dog, or whatever I'll have great inspiration for great plot ideas, description, dialog, etc. I get home sit down and what I write never seems quite as good. AARGH!

  5. Hey Conda, It's so sad. I guess that's why they invented those personal recording devices.

    Perhaps I should get one of those...


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