November 19, 2007

Click, Click, Writing Tips

As I click through the Web, learning about various sites I register with, I am compelled to make it work to my advantage. Whether the information is useful or not I feel that I need to find something lest I wasted my precious clicking time.

Last week I registered with several sites in the hope of gaining information, click throughs for my articles, and commonality. BlogCatalog was one of the sites I registered with. Today I discovered that my blog was accepted and is now officially registered with the ranks!

This morning I began looking at other BlogCatalog blogs and joining neighborhoods. I found a slew of other writing blogs. After weeding through those that are just selling their latest work or offering a product to make you a better writer (those especially tic me off), I did find some great resources.

One blog Perspectives On Writing, by Linda Jo Martin, was particularly intriguing to me. I love the layout of the blog. I went through several of her articles and found one I wanted to bookmark here for reference and reminder. Twelve Tips For Writing Better Articles offers advice on spicing up dull articles.

I don't think my articles are dull; but I'm jaded because they are my own work. That being said, I liked Ms. Martins advice especially injecting humor, personifying inanimate objects, and writing with enthusiasm.

When I think about articles that I have read, I recall those that made me laugh out loud with ease. Laughing makes you feel good. It can warm even the coldest soul. So I need to remind myself to put some laughter out there and add some humor to my work.

On personifying, I wrote a piece about my first car once. I have no idea where it is now; but I remember my professor commenting on it and reading it aloud to the class. The point of the story: my car was my best friend, my guide, he influenced me to travel on the right path. I aced the paper.

Martin's final tip is on enthusiasm. If you are not enthusiastic about it, how can you expect your reader to be? Hone in on what makes you enthusiastic about a subject and make that your topic.

On my clicking journey I found an interesting writer's resource called Writer Beware. This is a site with links to various scams out there and works to prevent writer fraud and scamming. I know this is a little off topic but I wanted to remind myself to write a real post about it, so I'm throwing it in here.


  1. Writers Beware is an excellent resource, Muse. I've been reading their site and using their advice for years. Another good one, when you're searching for an agent, is Agent Query, and oh, how I miss Miss Snark!

  2. Thank you! I'll check that out too.

  3. Hi! I don't think your articles are dull and I wouldn't feel jaded because there your own work.Far from it, your work published here is far better than putting someone else's up. Is this article off-topic..No it's not.

    Peter McCartney
    Sydney Australia

  4. Hello Peter, thanks for stopping by! Since I started this, I've been working on improving my content and learning how the whole process works. In the beginning I was discouraged because I could not figure out how to get readers. Slowly, that's coming around.

    By the by, I was at your blog yesterday, after seeing you on blogcatalog. I think your profession is a wonderful one. I was a NA for a few years after high school. My sister was an RN and I wanted to see if I had the stamina, I didn't. I opted to pursue a different direction. I admire you, keep up the good work!

  5. Hi again! This is off-topic a bit but relevant. My heart goes out to people that dedicate their lives 24/7 to their family.

    Having spent too much time at work I have missed many an opportunity when it comes to family matters. It is something I regret and I wish I could go back in time.

    I admire you and the effort you have put into your family.



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