April 20, 2016

Soup 'n' Sam-itch

After yesterday's post, I made a dish pinned a lot on Pinterest called Carrabba's Sausage and Lentil soup. Lately, I've been serving up a, what we like to call, "Soup 'n' Sam-itch" night. (Spelling issues are purely intentional). The whole Sam-itch thing came about watching an episode of Duck Dynasty and Godwin called a Sandwich, a Sam-itch. 

My spelling may be off, but the phonics aren't. He actually said what sounded like "Sam-itch." If you've ever watched the show, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyhoo, my oldest daughter had actually wanted me to make it. She had tried the soup at Carrabba's and sought out the recipe. She made it and said it was delicious! (I don't know how her version could have been good, she omitted all the good stuff).

It's called Carrabba's Sausage and Lentil soup. The copycat recipe is on Food. So, I made it and there were all kinds of good smells going on in the house all afternoon!

I read through some of the comments and ratings for the recipe and opted to make some changes to the original recipe. I will definitely make this soup again on a future Soup 'n' Sam-itch night. 

Next time I'm going to take a lot pictures so I can post my recipe changes on my Family Night Dinner Ideas blog. 


*Note: the picture I took was right after I threw all the ingredients in the crock-pot. I had to take a picture to text my daughter to prove I was making the soup. I didn't take anymore pictures after it was done because we sat down to eat our Soup 'n' Sam-itch!

Bon Appetit!

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