April 26, 2016

Dealing with the Loft

I'm still dredging through my Spring Cleaning. I'm really taking my time this year because I have set a few personal goals that are dependent on great results. Yesterday I started tackling the loft.

The loft used to be the nursery. When the oldest went to college, the little one took over her room. The loft became a big old storage dump. Whatever I couldn't get rid of, or didn't know what to do with, got put in the loft.

It hasn't been pleasant walking by and seeing boxes of unused stuff just sitting there. Granted, because of my little problem with OCD, it's been organized chaos. Organized chaos is still chaos in my book. Well this spring, I'm fixing the problem.

Today I'm going to donate several boxes of baby items to our local help center. After that I'm heading to Half Price Books to see what I can get for some old books, CDs, and electronic games. I'll follow up this post with how that turns out.

Wish me luck!

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