February 25, 2016

Planning Today

Today I'm still spring cleaning up my Internet ventures. I found some place called Superblinky that has a lot of my content. I don't know why it's there but I know it used to be on AC. Well AC was taken over by Yahoo Voices and when Yahoo Voices went away, I guess, Superblinky got it.

It's not like the content was ground breaking, or anything like that, but it was mine. The byline just says "editor". Doesn't even mention little 'ole me. Alas, I didn't keep up with it so shame on me.

On the bright side, I got to do a ton of things with my little girl! I will never regret that.

I've been thinking about embarking on a new venture. I've taken to creating gifts for my family and friends rather then buying stock stuff from the big box stores. And, doling out gift cards just seems so impersonal. They seem to like them and some have even suggested I sell my creations.

I actually started researching different things that go along with selling stuff. Of course, like most people, I have a profile on Ebay and I have sold some stuff we didn't need anymore there. But, I think Ebay is too big for handcrafted goods.

Now Etsy seems promising to me because they have carved out a niche in handmade. So, being the way I am, I decided "if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right!" I started working on a plan.

Etsy sellers have a "store" they sell from. To me, that's like big business on a small scale--Love it! If you plan on opening a store, what do you do? You dream about the name. The name. Hmmm.

That brought me back to the blog today. I was thinking about all the research I did way back when with SEO and Keywords. Hey, If I'm going to open an Etsy shop you know I'm going to utilize all that, and more!

I came up with a name that Google adwords liked and guess what? Somebody already has it. Back to the drawing board...  
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