February 26, 2016

How Do They Do It?

When you look around at different sites, do you see what I see? Given my latest research, I see a lot of Mommy blogs and sites talking about all the stuff they do. They're crafting, writing a blog, selling stuff, promoting stuff, etc. How in the heck do they find time to do any housework, let alone spend time with the family?

I mean, some of these women have itty bitty babies. Some have more than one, even THREE, in diapers. I remember when my little girl was a baby. I didn't have time to shower some days!

Take today, for instance, after I get hubby off to work and the girl off to school, I have to go do all the grocery shopping (which involves a whole lot more driving than shopping), then put everything away, and spruce up the house for the weekend. All that takes up pretty much the whole day.

When everyone gets home, there's dinner to prepare, more cleaning up, eating, cleaning up, and getting people to bed. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Now I did all that, and more, when I had a baby in the house. But I do not think I could take on doing what all these women talk about they're doing online with babies to care for.

I know...They're all multi-millionaire moms with a nanny, personal chef, and they pay for content writers. No...that can't be it.

Maybe grandma lives with them?

Hubby works from home and can do daddy duty?

I guess it's all in their time management skills. Kudos to them!
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