March 4, 2009

Building a Niche Blog

I've been working on building a niche blog. Like I don't have enough things going on already. I decided to buckle down and work my affiliate marketing endeavors to maximize my online earning potential.

My first decision, after deciding to build this niche blog, was which platform to go with. Everyone in affiliate marketing seems to promote Wordpress as the best platform. I decided to stick with Blogger.

I'll tell you why.
  • I already have an account with Blogger.
  • I already know how Blogger works and how to set it up.
  • I figured this would be the easiest and fastest way to get the blog started.
I did do a little research prior to making my decision. The research showed Wordpress would work better for a SEO blog, which is what the new blog will be wrapped around; however, Blogger indexes slightly faster. Another major factor is Blogger is part of Google: Google is a search engine, Google has taken over FeedBurner, Google has AdWords, plus my above mentioned reasons.

Second I had to decide the niche. Previously I talked about niches in my post on Inspired about branding. At that point in my blogging and web writing, I did not have a niche blog. Well, I built Squidoo to Do for Me and You, which you can consider a niche blog. Now I'll be diving in a bit further with my new blog: My Fish Tank Adventures.

I chose fish-tank-aquarium-care as my URL (not my first choice but doable). Fish tanks and aquariums are well searched topics, about 200,000 and 3,000,000 respectively according to Google AdWords, which is good for me.

I just happen to know a thing or two about fish tanks, aquariums, and fish in general-content won't be hard for me to put up. I'm also an affiliate for Finally, I found a couple of good clickbank items I can post on the site in hopes of generating an income from Clickbank in addition to Pepperjam Network..

Lastly, building My Fish Tank Adventures will be a family affair. My oldest has aspirations to become a Marine Biologist or Oceanographer some day. The little one just loves fish. My husband and I combined have 30 +++ years experience with aquariums. This said, I probably won't have to come up with all the content on my own.

This should be a fun niche blog to keep up. Since I plan to continue my online endeavors, I had to build it for the experience of creating a targeted, niche, branded blog.
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  1. Hi! Just back from your new site. Again, congratulations on its birth!

    I do have one question if you don't mind me asking. Have you considered setting up a website outside of Blogger and Wordpress.

    Yes, it will cost a fair bit of money to build, but won't the advantages and extra benefits offset the initial cost?

    Take Care,

  2. Hi Peter!

    Yes I've considered it. My plan is to do this once I see a little more profit from what I'm doing. You know, proof is in the pudding.

    I can't very well tell my husband, the household support system, I want to take X amount (monthly or yearly) from our budget to build websites. First he'd probably laugh at me. Then he'd say "no".

    I've bought into some tools and things that have helped me, but these were one-time expenses unlike what a site would be.

    Don't get me wrong he's pretty easy going with my spending. But, he really isn't understanding what I'm doing with this Internet marketing thing. Part of the reason I'm involving him (and the family) in the fish blog.

    You are right the extras would far outweigh the expenses. The profitability would be far better. For right now I'm going to have to go with what I've got to work with for free.

    However, one day, hopefully in the near future, it will happen.

    Have a great day!

  3. Muse:

    What a great idea. You've done your research, you've identified your market, and you know the subject. It sounds like a powerful winner. Let's go fishing!

    Personally, I'm happy to be finally finished with fish. We had three daughters and as they grew up we had all kinds of little critters, including fishes. Gold fish mostly, but the thing that really gets me is that when the little darlings left home they left their critters behind for me to care for. Dang. But the last fish finally kicked the bucket, and all that's left is an elderly cat and a turtle that'll probably outlive God. Oh well.

    Good luck on your adventure.

    Happy trails.

  4. Well I don't know Muse, sounds pretty fishy to me! So now I have two reasons to "visit" you!

  5. Hey Swu!

    Isn't that just like kids? I have to admit I left a few pets with my parents when I left the nest. I did not leave any fish though I took them with me.

    See you soon!

  6. Hi J.L!

    Fishy is right! (Or should we say Phishy?)

    Take care!

  7. Fascinating post, Muse. I always learn something new and needed from your posts. The Internet is a wonderful, awesome, exhausting place and I love how you are using it and sharing your processes!


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