January 19, 2009

Roofs and Toilets

The weekend was full of chaos for my brood. We've been spending a lot of time at mom's house doing various tasks she can't do and dad didn't get to address. This weekend involved finishing up a roof patch.

In reality the roof needs to be completely redone. A temporary fix became necessary as the shingles lifted and scattered through the yard. We're looking into roofers and will not call the same company that did this one because of the shoddy work we saw. As the roof was being taken care of, another problem came to light.

When my sister-in-law was in for dad's funeral she had her ex replace the toilet in the hall. This was a good thing, which needed to be done.

First, I must say the toilet issue has been looming for years. The old toilet was somewhat functional but proved to be a heated issue when she came to town. My husband and brother-in-law have been trying to get a new toilet in there and always hit a brick wall with it.

Let me tell you this, they just don't make toilets like they used to. Mom has this thing with new fangled objects. (I'll probably be posting more about these oddities, so bear with me.) As we all know, toilets of recent years have become water savers. Mom believes the new toilets won't get rid of the waste deposited in them. We've been trying to convince her regardless a new toilet was necessary. We failed.

My sister-in-law succeeded. Of course my husband and brother-in-law were upset that mom never let them take care of the toilet issue. I said, "who cares as long as there is a new toilet in there." Another point I mentioned is they did not have to do the deed. This saved them from a day of work better spent on other pressing issues. I swear my voice fell on deaf ears.

So, the new toilet failed over the weekend. Investigating the guts of this contraption, we found there are specialty parts in it that may never be replaced without being special ordered. That said, Saturday night we were trying to get a plumber out for emergency service. The lines backed up. Why? Because the water saving toilet did not have the oomph to pass waste to the sewer.

Okay, so mom was right. A lesson to the tune of $275 was learned. At this point the toilet is working. We'll see what happens with it when we go back to work on the laundry room.
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  1. So right, Muse, new isn't always better. Our new over the oven microwave's light just burned out. The new bulbs are cheaper and last way longer. And tiny and frail and can't have any finger oils on them or they burn out fast (how do you put in a bulb w/o using your fingers?). So the first try, my s.o. broke off the bulb prongs in the microwave.

    Try again.

  2. Yep! I feel like a fogey when I lament the way things are built "nowadays."
    Toilets especially seem to go bad and boy do we know it when they do!
    I try to remind myself of all the cool new stuff we have "nowadays."
    Good luck.

  3. Hi Conda!

    I bet the company selling those bulbs has a special apparatus you can buy to install the bulb...It seems automobile part makers do that a lot. I've seen my husband buy many a tool for single purposes for the car.

    It's a conspiracy!

  4. Hello Kathy!

    Toilets, toasters, coffee makers, TVs, etc. And, don't they just make these things sound so good you just can't live without them! I have to admit I love new gadgets but I hate replacing them when they fail.

  5. Hi! Talking about water saving devices, my father-in-law had his own way of saving money when it came to toilets.

    Don't read past this point if you have a queezy stomach.

    He'd save the rain water in 2 litre plastic milk bottles and use this water to flush the toilet ONLY when it looked like it needed to be emptied.

    Take Care,


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