January 5, 2009

Dear Dad...

I haven't been around. In the midst of the Holiday hustle and bustle, my Father-in-Law passed away. He died Christmas Eve morning in his home. He was 74 years old.

Dear Dad,

When we first met I knew I had to be a part of your family. Your sense of humor, strength, and finesse entered my heart and will live there for eternity.

I remember you asking me to dance that night. I took your hand and you led me to the floor. We danced as your son watched, beaming as if to say, that's my Dad!

When your son and I became one, you accepted me for who I am. You took my daughter as one of your own. You never once blinked an eye.

I wish we had more time to talk. I will miss your stories and the laughter we shared. I will also miss your Manhattans--I never could get those just right.

I hold you in my heart for who you were and how you led your life. I will strive to live out my life as you did yours: Open arms, giving, and fun filled.

Know this, I love you and I will never forget you.

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  1. Muse:

    Very touching. It made me think of my own mortality. You are truly a caring and warm hearted person.

    Deepest regards on the passing of your loved one.

  2. Muse, my condolences on your loss. Your post showed how bright a life spark your father-in-law was and how he will be missed. There can be no greater memorial.

  3. That was so beautiful, my heartfelt condolences.

  4. Hi. My condolences as well. Makes me wish my father-in-law was back living with us but he too has passed away only recently.

    Take Care,

  5. Thank you everyone. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and catch up. I've really been experiencing the snowball effect around here...We've been helping Mom with a lot of household things. You never know how much there is to do until you lose someone. Especially when that someone took care of everything.

  6. Ah, Muse, what a lovely letter to your father-in-law.
    My condolences on what you showed us will be a huge loss.


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