October 10, 2008

Rounds of Debates: Are You Undecided?

I've been watching the rounds of debates. I was going to make detailed comments for each round, but I could not decipher what the heck they were talking about. Then, of course, I had some other things going on.

I don't know why there is so much double talk, avoiding/begging the question, and he said/she said in politics. Those who get elected never follow through anyway.

Apparently, there are a lot of citizens who are undecided...Okay. If you are undecided you need to check this out:


Even if you are not undecided, check it out.

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  1. While I've made my decisions for this election, I had to hone in and say, Muse, that I believe the political process is badly broken. And it's not only the fault of any particular party or the media or the voters--we all have a guilty piece. And the world has changed (don't get me started on the electorial college) and we've failed to change. We need to. And I'm not talking about voting for any one party--it's more a problem of people feeling disenfranchised.

    The thunk you hear is me stepping down off my soap box.

  2. Muse:

    Interesting little site. I've made my decision, but I agree with Conda. The process seems to be broken. And then there's the ACORN scandal and its attack on the democratic process. I want a fair fight between the parties. I think they both mean well. But ACORN is actually committing voter fraud. I can't go along with that. And I can't believe the number of states that were willing to look the other way. I believe that everyone involved in that mess should be prosecuted and jailed. And lastly, I am deeply saddened by the realization that the great American experiment could fail during my lifetime.

    Happy trails.

  3. Hi Conda!

    I decided long ago who I would be voting for. It seems there are too many who haven't yet.

    The political process is broken. Sadly, I think there are too many other things broken. I was thinking about this the other day. Perhaps there is too much information out there? Additionally there is too much apathy...

    Take care!

  4. Hey Swu!

    My hubby and I were talking about the ACORN thing last night...I really have to look more into what that's all about.

    I sure hope this experiment of ours picks itself back up again. Failure would be a travesty.

    Take care!

  5. Hi! Being an outsider, I'm not afraid to put a cat amongst the pigeons and say that Obama will win in a landslide victory.

    Take Care,


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