October 6, 2008

Change is Good!

I have great news about my computer. My husband did not murder it. As it turns out, our problems all rooted from IE (And modem).

I'm proud to say I convinced him to open his eyes and accept change, change is good. We did a modem speed test on Speakeasy. Our modem is not performing at its peak for our paying for DSL. We'll be getting a new modem from our provider.

Next, I had been researching slow computer issues on the net. I performed all the fixes and deletions I could. The computer itself performs without flaw and is very fast for picture editing, document work, and other little things we do outside the Internet.

I searched about our browser and found slow issues with IE. Not one of the suggested fixes worked for us. So I uploaded a few different browsers to try. My husband barked about this until he sat down and tried them. We ended up with Mozilla Firefox.

Actually we tried FF before but did not like it. It seemed slow. We didn't like the toolbar or customizations. So we updated our IE6 to 7 and stuck with it. There is an IE8 now (Beta), but it did not work for us.

The FF we tried before was an old version. We tried the latest (I think it's 3.0.3) over the weekend and it's lickety split! Pagination is almost instant, pictures load quickly, and downloads are so fast it almost made my head spin.

We also tried Opera. I was really impressed with Opera. It was faster than FF on every account, but we could not get it to load Adobe flash for our music and videos no matter what we did.

The others we tried are not even worth mentioning.

I cannot wait to get our new modem! We'll really be moving on the Internet then.

All I can say about this whole experience is: Change is good!
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  1. I'll have to mention Opera to the techie nerd whom I love (and not just for his technical ability).

    And I like Firefox too--although there are still a few, very, very few times you have to go back to IE.

    Rare, though.

  2. Hi! I've been threatening to do the same thing. Murdering the computer that is. I have this image of all these people on death row for murdering their computers. Community service would be far better!

    I downloaded Google Chrome and it's heaps faster than IE7. Unfortunately there are also a heap of security issues with it.

    Take Care,

  3. Muse:

    Bravo! I know that you must feel very good after having solved your pesky computer problems. I'm not a computer guy myself. In fact, I still call it data processing. So every time I solve a problem...I feel great.

    Happy trails.

  4. Hi all!

    Conda I really liked Opera, A LOT. The browser was clean and it was so fast. Maybe your Techie can figure out the adobe flash thing...

    Peter, that's hilarious! I could just see it, "So, what are you in for?"...I tried Google, then I read some horrible things about those security issues. It didn't work well for me.

    Swu, I'm a "Jack (Jill) of all Trades" I fixed the handle on the toilet the other day and I swear I'm a plumber now. Those two things are going on my new business cards: Computer EXPERT and Plumber!

  5. I pretty much stick to Firefox also. There is an open source alternative for Flash called Gnash that sort of works with Opera, but isn't entirely stable yet. Congrats on getting your issues worked out, Muse.


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