June 18, 2008

Squidoo Talk Time

I've been updating. I like to go through pages, check links, and decide if I'm ready to change up the format, style, or direction. I play with the blog constantly, so if you're looking for changes here you probably won't see much.

The biggest changes I've made were on the Squidoo lenses. I decided to work on those a bit since they are getting a little traffic. I was reading through some tips Squidoo has to make desirable lenses and get them to produce. So I've started applying some of the tricks and adding relevent fun applications and widgets.

I read that some lensmasters are earning quite an income from their lenses. I can see how that's possible. I can also see those top earners have bucket loads of lenses--many are similar in nature. I guess I need to make more lenses so I can cash in.

I need to gather ideas. The last few posts here have covered some topic discovery tricks I use for my articles. The lenses are different though. They're not really articles. They're more of a lead to some of my other stuff.

Right now I have two I'm working up but haven't published yet. One may not get published at all because I'm waiting for an okay to use an image. Without the image the lens would be rather lame. If I can't use it I'll just delete it.

I want to build some hobby lenses, a few more local attraction lenses, and of course a few more promotional lenses. Then comes content, which takes time. Given I'm always short of time, I've decided to start the lenses and add to them as I can to freshen them up.

On the lenses I've got up, some of my content is short. Some of the content only directs to other articles. Some of the content is pictures and links--something different I was trying.

Since Squidoo only requires 5 modules to publish a lens, you can have a table of contents, a text/write, an Amazon and eBay selling module, and a guest book--there's 5. Lens started and published tout suite.

The trick is updating the lens and adding to it over time. So much to do...

I was hoping to build 30 more lenses before June 30. If I could accomplish that I would become a Giant Squid. I don't think it will come to fruition at least not this go around. With summer, the kids, and family stuff, I can barely keep up posting to the blog twice a week--I was doing 3 but I cut back for summer break.

Maybe I could still get the lenses done... Three a day... No, I'm not even going to try. I have bigger fish to fry.

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  1. My goodness, Muse! How do you do it?! Since I have 2 new jobs (one senior fitness and one teaching manga) I'm struggling just to keep up with my writing! And I'm on deadline with that too! What is it about us creative types that it is never enough?

  2. Hi! Like Conda said, how do you do it? Now, as I don't like being left hanging on a hook for too long, who are the big fish you're going to fry or can't you let the cat out of the bag on that one?

    Take Care,

  3. Muse:

    Great, informative post. I love the way you present this stuff. To a guy like me (I pre-date computers by a number of years) I really need to be spoon-fed most of this technical info.

    Happy trails.

  4. Hi Conda, Peter, and Swu!

    Well I've found myself in a pickle this whole week...Actually since summer started. The kids, trying to keep up with the pages, writing articles, and the blog have made things pretty difficult.

    Once band starts up in August, I'll have things under better control.

    Peter, right not the fish are my kids. However, I do have some plans for the future.

    Swu, you know me, I'll keep plugging as long as I can figure it out. I'm thinking of building another blog just for Squidoo stuff so I don't have to bore everyone with it here.

    Take care, all of you.


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