May 3, 2016

Hail Storms Across Texas

Texas has been getting plummeted by weather lately. Between floods and hail, insurance companies are bogged down with claims. Up until last Saturday we had a run of good luck avoiding damage.

Early Saturday morning my husband bolted from our bed. I could hear thunder and hail pounding our home. Then crashing and cracking noises filled my ears. It was evident when lightening lit up the sky, our home was suffering.

In the daylight we found both skylights cracked. Three sides of our vinyl siding destroyed. And the roofs on all three structures on our property are done for. All three cars got pelted and we lost two windshields.

The insurance adjuster came out yesterday. Homeowners does not cover the damage to the vehicles. Guess what? We just canceled the full coverage auto a few months ago. Go figure. 

Well, the next few weeks there's going to be a lot of construction activity around here. But that's okay because our home deserves to continue to look good. I just hope the contractor we hire does a good job.

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