April 14, 2009

Try Something New

The past weeks I've been talking about change and trying new things. As you know I got a new computer; so I've been on a rampage trying something new on it every day. Vista isn't so bad, I guess. It has a few oddities, but I'm getting used to it.

Recently I've been trying to teach my teenage daughter how to cook. It's not that I have not been trying to do this for years (I have), but this year she's taken a real interest in the art of cooking. In light of this revelation, we've started trying new and different recipes from all the books and card collections I inherited from my Nana.

Once a week we will be cooking up a new (old) dish for family night. In honor of this, we created a new blog: Family Night Dinner Ideas. I know what your thinking, "Didn't you just start a fish blog?" Well, yes, I did. But like My Fish Tank Adventures, the recipe blog will be a family collaboration.

Speaking of family, we had a wonderful Easter celebration. I hope yours was everything you wanted it to be. For the celebration we tried a new recipe from the old collection. I have to talk about it because it was a real winner everyone enjoyed. It was also something new for us.

The dish was Baked Cheese & Tomato Fondue. We served it as an appetizer, but I think it could be a nice side dish too. If you're planning a party, you might like to try it.

Try something new every day, it keeps life interesting.
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  1. Muse:

    Okay, I'll check it out for some delicious and exciting goodies.

    happy trails.

  2. Hey Swu!

    I appreciate it. Family Night Dinner Ideas will feature a new recipe weekly.

    Take care!

  3. Hi! Who taught me to cook? Well, of course my mother had a hand in it, like the meat and three veg recipe and then there was my school. You can do a lot with a BBQ, snags, eggs and bacon. I can smell them now! Now that I'm much older, I tend to go for fish, lean meat and everybody's lifesaver in times of a tight budget, chicken. Where would we be without that!

    All the best for Easter and the cooking lessons!

    Take Care,

  4. Hi Peter!

    As a matter of fact we're grilling again tonight! You'd think we were grill maniacs here, especially after Sunday's Easter BBQ.

    What are snags? I'll have to look that one up.

    Have a good one!

  5. Oooh, new recipes to try, yum! Thanks Muse!

  6. I think a family blogging collaboration is a WONDERFUL idea!

    I'm dieting, so hold the fondue for now!!!! lol...

  7. I like that! I am going to try something new every day. Life can get so monotonous. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Hey Conda!

    The fondue is really good. I prepared a post to come up on Saturday for a Sunday Supper Soup. We did this the other day and it was awesome. You should check it out!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hello Lynda!

    Doing the collaboration really takes a lot of the burden off of me. I'm actually getting more help than I need. Of course, I'm expecting the newness to wear off any day now. We'll see.

    Super weekend to you!

  10. Hi Maria!

    I've always been big on trying something new, also learning something new, every day is the only way. It keeps your mind active. My grandparents and parents instilled it in me. I'm working on motivating my kids to be this way too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Maria I was just at your site and was unable to leave my comment. Neither the open id or filling the information myself worked and gave me a system error message after every try.

    I said:

    Hello Maria! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like the idea of doing a podcast. Your artwork is spectacular!

    I remember going to an William Blake exhibit with my mother when I was young. We were touring some spots in Europe: London to Wales. I was completely moved by how he took his words and enriched them in his illustrations.

    I like what you were saying about communicating through music-art-words-movement. Every day I see, hear, or read something that makes me think. Perhaps I'm not thinking about what they intended. But at least I'm feeling some emotion.

    Some people are ignorant to messages, especially the unspoken ones. To reach out and bring them into it would really make the world a better place.

  12. Muse!

    Well, Easter in Afghanistan was just another workday...and it rained...again. But when it rains, the bad guys stay in their caves...something about not wanting to collect their 70 virgins in the rain.

    Are you aware that Microsoft is about to release new operating system this summer? This is the first time I didn't get to Beta test a new operating system in years. I've heard the new one is much faster and more reliable than Vista...we'll see I guess.

  13. Hey J.L!

    Well then rain is good! Sorry about no Easter celebrations...

    I heard about the new operating system. I don't know if we'll upgrade to it as of yet. It all depends on the cost. Fast is always good. Of course compared to the old computer this one is lightning fast!!!

    Take care!

  14. Hi there! Thanks for playing my word game. You tied for 1st! Happy cooking!

  15. Hey Shark!

    Awesome! It was fun.


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