February 11, 2009

Alpha Inventions: Blog Traffic Generator Update

I really meant to post this last Wednesday to follow up my post about Alpha Inventions. I get wrapped up in things sometimes. I can't help myself. I also tend to put the cart before the horse and wonder why I'm not getting anywhere.

Anyway, about Alpha Inventions, my blog traffic showed a significant increase according to my report from statcounter. I'm talking triple my normal hits. I did not get comments, except from myself and my normal commentators. My blog stats are back to norm since I did not resubmit my blog or post anything new. I think, as I mentioned in the post, this is key.

I believe Alpha Inventions is well worth looking into if you're looking to increase your blog traffic.

In light of this information, and my minimal testing, my SR friend had another blog traffic generator suggestion: Condron.us. Condron is hauntingly familiar to Alpha Inventions. You submit your blog URL and you are exposed to a multitude of various blogs. I played around there and found a couple of interesting reads, just as I did at Alpha Inventions.

I think both sites are good for blog exposure, traffic, and a swift kick to keep your blog updated. I think they're both pretty good for sparking a post topic idea or two also--for when my mind goes blank.

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  1. Hi! Sounds like they're both well worth a look, thanks for the tip. Having a nose for good blogs, even after recent events, I would have found you anyway!

    Take Care,

  2. Hi Peter!

    Awe, you're so sweet! The same goes for your blog!!!

    Have a good one!

  3. Muse!

    Great tips. One of these days I've got to get more motivated to get things ratcheted up...especially for my serious blogs.

  4. Muse:

    Okay. Thanks for the tip. I can always use more readers.

    Happy trails.

  5. I've tried both and Alpha Inventions seems to bring more in but they're both worth trying...

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