November 25, 2008

Making Thanksgiving Preparations

I've been getting the house together for Thanksgiving. Actually I'm doing a little preparation for Christmas too. I'm working on rebuilding an old wreath. I'll try to post some pictures as I make some progress.

For Thanksgiving dinner we'll be frying our turkey.

I've got the turkey thawing already. So, I won't be reporting any frying disasters afterward. Really, if you use a little common sense and follow certain safety precautions, all will be fine.

I'm making a lot of the usual sides: stuffing, mashed potatoes (sweet and white), cranberries, and gravy. Grandma's bringing green bean casserole and wild rice. I'll be making a pumpkin cheese cake and a ton of appetizers to boot. We always have enough leftovers to feed the family over and over again.

This weekend we'll get the house decorated and the Christmas tree up. I want to try doing some Christmas shopping too, but I doubt I'll get to it.

I need to make updates across the board online for the holidays...So much to do, so little time. My Me page is done. I bypassed doing Thanksgiving themes. I don't know if I can decorate the blog because of all the additions I've done this year. We'll see.
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  1. There haven't been any "fryer catastrophes" in my area for the last couple of Thanksgivings, Muse. There used to several every year, especially when the fryers first came out--learning curve going on!

  2. My poor wife got stuck with all the prep this year. I normally do the entire Thanksgiving dinner, so she's a bit out of practice.

  3. Hi Conda!

    Learning curve is right. We learned something this year: Buy extra peanut oil.

    All came out fine in the end, we just adjusted the turkey some. It was yummy as ever.

  4. Muse:

    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds scrumboshious! We had a great dinner in Las Vegas. It was a huge buffet. I know it's not like home cooked, but we are finally too tired to do it all ourselves, and then there's the clean up. Too much.

    I trust your day of thanks went well.

    Happy trails

  5. Muse:

    Where have you been lately. I miss your posts.

    Happy trails.

  6. Hey Swu!

    I'm around...I've been doing Region band things with the teen, holiday preparations, and a lot of contest stuff at SR.


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