September 12, 2008

My Week...

This has been a horrible week for us. Last weekend was busy. We decided to finish up the yard work. It was hot, dirty, work. The weed whacker decided to give us its usual trials. I think my husband finally killed it.

When the yard work was at a stopping point, we sat in the garage for a celebratory beer. Nothing beats an ice cold beer after a hot, sweaty job like that. Our cats came to praise us for a job well done. They hate it when the equipment comes out; but they love it when we're finished.

We have two cats. One, B.J., has been with me for 13 years. He's the most lovable, purr happy, cat. He likes to sit on our laps, be petted, and knead our legs with his claws.

Sunday morning I went about my usual routine. I made my coffee and proceeded out to feed the cats. B.J. didn't come for breakfast. I called and called but not a response came. He didn't come for lunch or dinner either.

Monday came and nothing. Now I'm worried. B.J. never has left for more than a day. Sometimes he goes to visit the neighbor on the corner. I went to see our neighbor and he hadn't seen him since Saturday night.

We canvased the entire area, walking the properties near us and the park. No sign of him.

Tuesday I made posters and called the pound. As of this time I've spoken with the rest of the surrounding neighbors.

Wednesday I got a call from a neighbor but it wasn't B.J. they found...

Thursday I posted to the neighborhood loop and contacted the newsletter editor to post a bulletin for a missing cat.

My husband had thoughts he may have gone off to die...I wouldn't think so as he has not been ill. Of course, I scolded my husband. Beside, if that was the case, we would have found him or seen evidence of buzzard activity to investigate.

So this morning I checked my emails. I received a few responses to my loop message. I'll be checking them out after the little one gets going and eats.

Remember my deer post? I've been having horrible thoughts my poor B.J. has been catnapped. The whole situation is driving me insane with worry. I won't go on and on, but the full moon is steadily approaching, Halloween is next month, and apparently we have some real sick tickets in the area.

Okay, if he did pass, I want to know. If he's found a new home, I want to know. If he's been catnapped, I'm going after those cretins...

B.J. is a solid black cat, like a witches cat, it's hard to tell from the picture. He's neutered and has never been a wanderer. He comes like a dog when he's called. He's friendly and not one bit stand offish when strangers come 'round.

I know some may scold me because we don't keep the cats indoors. Okay, we went that route and they HATE being inside. Our cats are not wild, roamers, or otherwise. They just lay on the deck and bask in the sun. We bring them in during extreme weather and they make it known they are infuriated to be inside.

I've heard of cats that go off for a time and come back. I've had some do it in the past myself. I know B.J. and I don't think he would go off like this on his own accord.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your missing cat. Before the allergies did me in I had cats too, but they never left the yard. I was always worried about them when they went to the extremities of the back yard. Luckily when they were out, the dogs usually kept an eye on them.

    And no, I didn't get rid of the cats for my allergies, they died off on their own. The last one died last September at the ripe age of 17.

    Here's hoping your feline shows up unscathed.

  2. MUse:

    As someone who has lost a beloved cat before, please asscept my sympathy. Our cat never came back, and my little daughter blamed me for the loss. It was a painful experience, to say the least. So when I knew in my heart that there was no more hope for our cat's return, I took our daughter shopping for a new kitten. That's how we got Trixie. She has been with ous for 16 years now, and she's still alive and healthy. In the meantime, our dear little daughter has grown up, completed college, completed graduate school and move away to her own place. Trixie, however, is still living here at home.

    Happy trails.

  3. Hi guys!

    J.L., Cat allergies are horrific! I have a niece who suffers from them. I sure hope B.J. comes home soon too. One week tomorrow...This is killing me.

    Swu, girls are like that. We had a cat when I was little that disappeared suddenly. I blamed my dad because he was a dog man.

    I have not lost hope that B.J. will come home. I fear the worst and hope for the best.

    I drove the entire neighborhood yesterday. I also scoured the brush/forest area surrounding our house. Nothing.

    I keep getting leads from my neighborhood loop message. I hope one pans out.

    The kids are frantic at this point. I'm having trouble concentrating and keep hearing bells and meows. My husband it at his wits end looking and posting signs...

    I'll keep looking because not knowing is the worst feeling.

    You two take care.

  4. Oooh, awful, Muse. I so hope your sweet kitty returns--don't give up hope any time soon. I once had my cat disappear completely for 10 days and then reappear in the middle of a ferocious thunderstorm, just fine, if a little wet.

    And I have a friend who had a very friendly kitty that disappeared for two years!!! (I'm not kidding) and she found him living with another family a mile away! They had 4 cats so he came back to live with her, and was perfectly happy for the rest of his long life!

    Cats, go figure.

  5. Hi! I have come across hundreds of people that treat their cats like their own children. You sound very much the same going on the obvious distress that you're going through.

    I do hope you find B.J. soon and I'd imagine that when B.J. returns, it will be like having a wayward son or daughter returning home to the nest.

    Take Care,

  6. Hey you two!

    One thing for certian is I will never give up hope.

    Conda, it is so true that cats do this from time to time. It's only that B.J. has never done this...Perhaps I worry too much.

    I posted the ad I mentioned and it will come out on the 1st. Hopefully some nice family picked him up and will call me.

    Peter, yes, and when he returns, I'll hug the tar out of him! I miss him so...

  7. Muse, I hope your cat turns up. We've had cats disappear before, but never one we'd had for years like you've had BJ. I do know what it's like to lose a pet that you consider part of the family, as our dog of 11 years passed away last Friday night. My wife and I stayed up with her because we knew she was breathing her last, and she seemed to appreciate our company.


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