November 25, 2008

Making Thanksgiving Preparations

I've been getting the house together for Thanksgiving. Actually I'm doing a little preparation for Christmas too. I'm working on rebuilding an old wreath. I'll try to post some pictures as I make some progress.

For Thanksgiving dinner we'll be frying our turkey.

I've got the turkey thawing already. So, I won't be reporting any frying disasters afterward. Really, if you use a little common sense and follow certain safety precautions, all will be fine.

I'm making a lot of the usual sides: stuffing, mashed potatoes (sweet and white), cranberries, and gravy. Grandma's bringing green bean casserole and wild rice. I'll be making a pumpkin cheese cake and a ton of appetizers to boot. We always have enough leftovers to feed the family over and over again.

This weekend we'll get the house decorated and the Christmas tree up. I want to try doing some Christmas shopping too, but I doubt I'll get to it.

I need to make updates across the board online for the holidays...So much to do, so little time. My Me page is done. I bypassed doing Thanksgiving themes. I don't know if I can decorate the blog because of all the additions I've done this year. We'll see.
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November 6, 2008

Hello I'm still here...

I didn't fall off the face of the earth. My life has been super chaotic recently. First thing first, my daughter had this huge project due for English. The project was worth 3 test grades. The assignment was a choice between making a collage depicting the events of the play (Arther Miller, The Crucible), writing/drawing a cartoon about it, writing an essay, writing a journal, or writing a poem.

We chose the poem. Actually she chose the collage, but I convinced her the poem would be more fun. Here's what the final product looked like:

It looks a lot cooler in person. In the pictures the paper looks like I spilled my morning coffee on it. We stained the paper with tea to give it an old look. Then we burned the edges to make the pages look like they were saved from a fire.

The next big thing we had going on around here was Halloween. You know with a little one you gotta play those games. Here's this year's pumpkin:

It's Frankenstein, just in case you can't see it. Hubby did the carving from a stencil, but he kept saying no one would be able to tell what it was. Can you? (Here's last year's pumpkin)

I was also playing around a lot on Shared Reviews trying to win some contests. I got 3rd and 4th in two separate events to total $25. Not too bad for a little clicking.

The holidays are approaching quickly. I've been struggling with our Christmas decorations too (think Christmas Vacation!). We'll have a house full on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I can't wait!
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